Oct 21

38 Degrees | Campaigns →

Get your butt involved in campaigning and standing up for our rights :)

And the rights of those that can’t stand up for themselves… all those lovely furry friends of ours out there :)

I just signed a petition against mega diaries literally it took less than a minute, all you have to do is give your email address and name.  Not much to stop a lot of cruelty!

Oct 21

Why Detox? →

Check out Why Detox a blog written by a friend of mine Ali Zaidi.  It follows a 40 day detox he has done, his feelings and comments about doing it and why you might consider doing something like this too!

The reason why I am such a fan of this blog is because it is not just about food and alcohol but looks at other subjects such as:

recreational drug use; tobacco; alcohol; religious eating habits; depression; other mental illnesses and generally covers a broad range of topics. 

Zaidi is very knowledgeable and I think in this day and age where there are so many conflicting arguments about what you should and shouldn’t eat, it is nice to know the why too. 

Oct 21

Ooooh Weddings!

Now it seems like wedding fever has hit all of my friends! I don’t know what it is thats got them so ready for commitment but here goes:

One of my oldest friends has just got married. Two of my closest friends have just got engaged and they have both been with their boyfriends for the same amount of time as me, one year!

One of the lads has even sold his laptop to buy a ring! How adorable!

But it does beg to ask the question… Am I happy then? Do I want to get engaged to? Am I jealous?!

Of course the appeal of settling down and getting married, moving in with the boyfriend/fiance and having babies is all good… but I’m not sure I want that just yet!

How old is a good time to get engaged? Is 22 too young? Not necessarily… depends on whether you’re happy doesn’t it?

That same question said; another of my oldest friends has been with her boyfriend for 3 years and they have a house together.  In that time, no less than five of our coupley friends have got engaged and only one of those five are still together, the rest being broken up and hating each other!

I think at the end of the day; we only know whats right for us and can’t judge others but for me, I’m not going to get jealous or put pressure on my boyfriend to propose ‘cos I don’t want him to yet! I want it to be special and besides…

I’ve got plenty of wedding planning to do for my friends yet, being given the great honour of Maid of Honour WOOOO :)

Speaking of which: nevermind Sapphire Studios and photoshoots we’ve got a lovely girly day out at a Wedding Fair on Sunday yeyyy (okay so that might make me a bit jealous hehe) and thats if we make it to the fair seeing as we’ve all got a busy Saturday night out together too… I LOVE girly times!

Oct 21

Clean 9 Revisited!

Well I have unfortunately fell off my Clean 9 wagon :(

Working in a busy restuarant, running my little legs off and doing lots of crazy hours has made it difficult to follow the diet.

Its not a case of being hungry or low on energy, because doing the Clean 9 has given me more energy than I ever thought possible on a diet.  The tricky part is carrying about aloe vera gel and having to drink shots of it before a shift/while on shift.  People look at you a little funny for walking around with a bottle of pure stabilised aloe vera gel. Still its nice every day you put your uniform on your stomach being so much flatter than the day before!

In the 3 days I carried out the diet my boyfriend couldn’t get enough of me or how quickly I was losing :) So extra inspiration to GIVE IT ANOTHER GO!

I’ve got lots of late shifts and other crazy things going on but there are always going to be nights out; peoples birthdays; weddings; other things going on, I’m still giving it a go and here is my pledge! So I guess I’ll keep you posted :)

Remember if you’d like to get involved with doing the Clean 9 or Aloe Vera Gel check out to buy the products or message me for questions and answers :)

Oct 21

Sapphire Studios Slammed!

Figured it was about time for an update on Sapphire Studios!

Never have I been so disgusted with the service of a company…

First of all I get called up by the company Sapphire Studios offering the opportunity for a free makeover and photoshoot with a friend, “if I pass the criteria”. 

Low and behold I pass the criteria, its the sales call of all sales calls to suck you in.  If I was that good at cold-calling I’d be a millionnaire by now, but I HATE cold-calling because its probably one of the meanest ways to sell anything. 

So, the call operator asks for my bank details to put a deposit through to secure my place. I let him know I don’t want to give them over the phone, but yup you need them to secure the place. So I give my bank details but tell him I won’t have the money till a few days time, could I ring up and make the payment?

No he will ring me. I assure him he MUST speak with me in case I do not have hte money he needs.  But he rings me and I’m working so he puts the payment through anyway.

HOW IRRESPONSIBLE! I was more than happy to make the payment but the sheer audacity to just take it out my account without my authorisation, thus upsetting my delicate bank balance and direct debits is unforgivable.

I spent the best part of two days calling three different numbers to try and get some help.  Strangely enough when you want to buy something they are super friendly, but once there is a problem you simply get passed from line to line to line and it is most upsetting!

I was told I’d get a call back… Nothing. I rang again… No answer.  I finally get through again: “I have a meeting with my director”.  Lies Lies Lies!

What happened to the customer is always right? 

I am so grateful that in my workplace if there is a complaint about the service or quality of something you as quick as possible sort it out!

Eventually after four days of anxiety and constant calls and getting in touch with BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards I finally get through to someone in the Refunds department who very nicely gives me the refund I have been so anxious for. Turns out while the call operators knew she was away for several days neglected to tell me, as did the receptionist.

I know theres some hot hedded words on here, but I shall never be going anyway near this company again, though I must commend Debbie in Finance for being the only redeeming factor!

Guess me and the girls will have to find something else to do!

Oct 21

1DayLater: Time Management Tips - no.5 →

Check out 1daylaters time management tips! A really fantastic way to keep track of your distractions and make sure you get your butt to all those all important meetings, just click on the link and it’ll take you to the page:


With our tip of the day you’ll never be late to another meeting again ;)

Ask yourself - how many times have you stumbled into an important meeting late, sweaty and unprepared? Your potential client watching beads of sweat drip from your forehead…not a good first impression!

I’m sure this happens…

Oct 06

Sapphire Studios… Free Makeover or Scam?!

Well I got a call the other day from Sapphire Studios…

They’re a professional photographic studio in London. Check out 

They rang me and told me I had the opportunity of a free makeover, where I could bring any of my friends as a guest. And it would be a day of lots of free wine (well I’m guessing thats to loosen you up in front of the camera and also so you buy the photos).

Anyway I told him I couldn’t possibly choose between my two closest friends thinking I’d take my sister, but he said I could take two so wooo I’m taking both of my closest… Gemma and Heather :)

Well excited for a trip to London with my girlies :)

Oct 06

Woohooo Day 1 

Well my Clean 9 package has arrived and I’m super excited!

Only… I was pretty annoyed too. One of the aloe gel bottles split all all over the included literature and was completely empty :( But I rang them up and they’re sending the damaged products out straight away so I am a VERY happy customer!

I’ve taken my measurements, weighed myself and drank lots of aloe gel :) I wasn’t very keen at first, I mean the taste isn’t exactly great; but I’m thinking of it just like drinking a shot of tequila, albiet a pretty large one… :)

Woohoo I’ve got loads of energy and just did the Pump It Up DVD although I only made it to section 2. as I’m lazy :)

My goals for the Clean 9 are:

* Getting more energy

* Losing at least half a stone

* Feeling healthier

* Having my clothes fit better!

If I can achieve that in 7 days I’ll be most happy :)

PUMP IT UP - I <3 these exercise dvd’s even though they are SO HARD! I can’t wait till I’ve managed to collect all of them!

Check out Ministry of Sound for a fun and exciting way to burn fat!

Oct 05

Happy Fat & The Clean 9 Programme!

So… like any other girl I like to look after myself and look my best! However, between meeting a lovely boy, ditching my single days and getting all loved up I seem to have acquired a few lbs of that good ol’ happy fat :) While I am loving being loved up, I think this kind of situation should be sorted out sharpish!

I have tried so many different diets! Arrgh! Diets are stupid, its lifestyle changes you’ve gotta make right!

Well I’ve tried the Heart Foundation Diet otherwise known as the 3 day diet… (Not condoned by the British Heart Foundation, infact I think they would not like to be associated at all with this diet)!

Back before I was a Veggie I did the Atkins… great but boy do you get ‘wolf breath’!

I’ve tried the Cambridge diet… great if all you wanna do all day is drink milkshakes but I’m a real girl and I like to eat! Plus I can’t imagine its healthy for you not consuming anything but liquids for any length of time, particularly when you’re only young and don’t actually have that much to lose!

So what I’m trying now is something called The Clean 9 Detox Programme by Forever Living Products. This product was personally recommended to me by father, who has suffered IBS for years and has seen significant improvement since doing the Detox Programme.  I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for 5 years and Aloe Vera is regarded worldwide as a phenomenal healer, particularly for the gut, so I am rather excited!

The Clean 9 Programme aims to teach you how to eat, and fix all those myths you had about diet and nutrition.  With the most important part of the diet being that you drink aloe vera gel every day in quite a significant amount!

Basically you drink a lot of aloe vera drinking gel, take some supplements, drink a meal replacement milkshake every day but most importantly YOU GET TO EAT!

While its been quite expensive at £103 I’m desperate to try anything to get me feeling great! :) I will be daily recording the outcome of my experiment so please keep viewing my blog as my products arrived today and I shall start recording my experiment tomorrow!

If you would like to try out the Clean 9 Programme too go direct to:

The Clean 9 Programme consists of:

  • 3 Aloe Vera Gel
  • Vanilla Forever Lite Ultra
  • Garcinia Plus (Natural Supplements)
  • Bee Pollen (Natural Supplements)
  • Shaker and Tape Measure
  • Literature Items

Remember it is recommended that you consult medical advice before trying any diet.

Oct 05

Starkey’s Keeping Me Up @ Night!

I dunno how many people out there are History geeks, but I sure am.

Currently I am OBSESSED with the Tudors; Henry the Eighth and Elizabethan times!

I’m not sure how much of a fan of the monarchy I am but like any other girl I like the ideas of princesses and knights.  Still I am shocked at some of the scandalous events of past days!

For example… did you know… Henry had his own “Groom of the Stool” i.e. someone who was in charge of the royal stool… who wiped his bottom?

Can you imagine that? I’d be mortified if anyone wiped mine as a 22 year old female let alone a 40 year old king! Eeeep! In past days of treachery and other scary attempts on royal life there is no way I’d be letting anyone in my nether regions!

Anyway, while reading I can’t help but think life at Court in King Henry’s time as well as Elizabethan time must have been full of gossip and excitement: I imagine for the common folk or less wealthy members at court it was like watching the footballers and WAGS of today… all society would’ve looked to jousters/knights and ambitious young maidens would be scheming their ladder to fame.

Only in comparison to the footballers of today the lords dukes and other nobleman were much naughtier marrying their deceased brother’s wives and sharing woman among themselves!

I can’t put David Starkey’s Henry down. Its fantastic. Get involved!

Best thing is I got it for £2.99 at THE WORKS. My favourite bookshop only because its simply amazing for cheap books. WH SMITH must be raking it in on the extra £7 I’ve saved myself.

Starkey’s writing is fantastic, he has this unique way of making very long detailed historical information seem conversational and almost transports you into the court of Henry as Prince. I can’t wait to read his exploits on Henry the King. :)

Even though he is a fantastic and well researched historian it seems that he is a bit of a pompous arse in real life, check out the link below to see where he slates female historians… 

I have to admit while not a man I’d feel annoyed if a competing writer was selling lots of books by taking their clothes off :S